No More Excuses For Not Taking Care Of Health

While at least one annual checkup by the general practitioner is still advised, there is much that any lay man or woman can do to safeguard his or her health mainly through the practice of what is known as preventive medicine. One of the most effective means that contribute towards the practice of preventive medicine is that of arming yourself with as much information as possible. And do that, you do not need to wait for your annual checkup with your GP.

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A familiar feature of any medical practitioner’s reception area are small libraries of informational brochures. But are you really going to wait an entire year to learn what is good and bad for your health? No you are not. And you need not wait either. Never mind purchasing expensive glossy magazines – money can be used better elsewhere in improving your overall health and wellness – just go to the internet already.

But wait. Most people, young and old, are already on the internet. Go to any public space and there you will see it for yourself. Go to the doctors’ waiting rooms and you will see nervous folks phubbing across the screens of their ‘smart’ mobiles. But how many of them are consulting an online healthcare blog at any one time of their ‘busy’ and ‘productive’ lives. Hardly. Spend less time on trivialities and the playing of games.

And more time on improving your lives. And one of the best ways to do that is to look after your health and wellness, something you can already do like a grownup. You do not need to wait a year for your GP to tell you what you should and should not be doing. The days of ignorance are long gone.