DIY Orthodontics is a No Go

With the abundance of technology now available, mail order or DIY orthodontics has become quite popular. The low cost is the claim to fame of course and people want to buy what they can afford, especially when unhappy with the appearance of their mouth. But using DIY orthodontics could cause more harm than good, as many unsuspecting patients have learned firsthand.

The New Technology is Here

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3D printing and other technology has made it fairly simple for people to ‘print’ just about anything, including braces and orthodontic tools. The problem is, they’re not custom-made to your teeth and without proper dental intervention, may actually cause the teeth to shift out of place, causing many oral health problems that may affect you for the rest of your life.

More Than Meets the Eye

DIY orthodontics my sound good in those TV commercials and magazine ads but when you take a closer look at things, it’s clear to see that you could do yourself a big injustice if DIY orthodontics is used. Sometimes it’s just not worth the savings. You cannot replace your teeth once they’re gone. It’s simply not worth saving a few dollars now and causing harm to your teeth later down the road.

Take Care of Your Oral Health

You have only one set of teeth. While some DIY projects are suitable, even when it’s your first time, when you have only one of something that you can never get back again, it’s best to leave it to the pros. There’s a reason that dentists spend so many years in school, after all. Your insurance may offset some of the cost of an orthodontist broomfield co specialist and financing options are also available. Don’t let your beautiful smile go to waste by using DIY orthodontics.